i’m on my 3d or 5th re-read of the Cyborg Manifesto, understanding infinitely more this time around buuuuuut then she just slams me in the face with (what appears as) a split/dichotomy of surface and depth ??????? (in the list that’s in the beginning of The informatics of…

I’m reading it/working with it for a class. There’s a great article by Wired which is part interview, part unpacking of the essay. Essentially its about the new subjectivies, life narratives, and agency one claims as a cyborg/modern person whose body, labor, and life has been changed by tech. Its also an anti-essentialist, intersectional document that came about after 70s nature-hippy-anti-science cultural/non-radical/proto-turf feminism which grounded femininity in the primitive and earthy.

Summary: Tech shifted the way we operate and relate to our bodies, lives, labor, gender, identities. We are machines with changeable parts.

Harroway is great, but I feel like the significance of this text is lost on this generation which understands the tenants implicitly.